7:30 - 8:00

Check-in and Breakfast Buffet 
(2nd Floor Ballroom)

8:10 - 9:00

Breakfast Keynote: The Practical Creative in a Digital World with Carlos Portocarrero, Digital Product Manager at Crain's
(2nd Floor Ballroom)


Traditional Products in a Digital World
(Room 310A)
  • Moderator: Sufian Qrunfleh, Professor, Eastern Michigan University
  • Alex Merz, Google; Co-founder of Hyperion Coffee and 734 Brewing
  • Shaina Bertrang, VP Relations, LawnGuru
  • Sam Chuisano, COO, LiquidGoldConcept


Maintaining Your Brand Identity in a Fast-Paced World
(Room 310B)
  • Hien Lam, Co-Founder, Huck Finch
  • Matt Hansen, Co-Founder, Huck Finch


Coffee Break and Networking 
(3rd floor lounge)


Analytics as a Product
(Room 310A)
  • Moderator: Russ Merz, Professor, Eastern Michigan University
  • Nigel Griswold, Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamo Metrics
  • Dave Morin, Co-Founder & CEO, Impellia
  • Dawn White, Co-Founder & CEO, Perisense
  • Justin Adams, Co-Founder & CEO, AlertWatch
  • Larry Freed, CEO, Give and Take Inc.


Local Branding: A Detroit Story
(Room 310B)
  • Moderator: Jamie Ward, Professor, Eastern Michigan University
  • Van Nguyen, Schoolcraft College
  • Stan Smith, Visit Detroit
  • Sola Obayan, BTO Solutions; Go Social Detroit
  • Amber Lewis, City of Detroit

12:30 – 2:00

The Marriage of Data, Branding, and Marketing
(2nd Floor Ballroom)
  • Moderator: Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing, Zingerman's
  • Drew Patrick, Owner and President, Skidmore Studio
  • Jibreel Lockhart, Co-Founder, Petram Data
  • Mark Peake, Director of Business Development, Centro
  • Heather Zara, Owner & CEO, Zara Creative