Over these few years, we have seen major changes in the Digital landscape. Now more than ever we have seen the need and desire for more media-based approaches to connect with the world around us. This has pushed what was once a small growing market into the forefront of essential business practices. This year’s workshop theme “Digital Renaissance — Digital for the Long Haul” centers around this rebirth and how this will continue to change the marketing industry.

Please join us for this year's conference for both our virtual and live events. The first four sessions will be online streaming from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM from Nov 8—11. The last session will be an in-person luncheon from 12:00 to 2:00 PM on the 12th. We hope to see you there as we discuss the exciting future of digital marketing.

What to Expect

Since 2011, the Digital Marketing Workshop has been an ongoing valuable resource for Michigan businesses. Here are some in-depth discussions with previous speakers that answer digital marketing's biggest questions.

"What is your best advice for those starting in digital marketing and communications?" (2:54)

"What is one of the biggest blunders a business can make?" (8:10)

Who To Expect

Learn from global giants based in Michigan and across the US with this year's impressive speaker lineup. Speakers from Wells Fargo, Google, Pinterest, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, The Lip Bar, and many more will explore this year's workshop theme, "Digital Renaissance".

As always, the workshop aims to provide thought-provoking and actionable insights. This year, the workshop kicks off on theme with moderator Jamie Ward, and her panel, Detroit Creative. Each event has experts that will share their unique perspective on rebooting the economy with digital in the lead. View the full agenda here and register here.

Wells Fargo
Sam Bernstein Law Firm
Lip Bar
Campbell Marketing & Communications
City of Detroit
Good Cakes and Bakes
Michigan Fields
Skidmore Studios
Green Route
Holocause Memorial
Navv Systems
The Trade Desk
Fausone Bohn, LLP
EMU Center for Digital Engagement
Ann Arbor Spark