This year's Digital Marketing Workshop, with the theme "2021, Next Steps", has been completely rethought in response to the pandemic and other transformational events of 2020. This year, the entire conference will be online and spread out in easily digestible chunks over the course of a week.

Please join us November 9-13th at noon each day to learn from experts in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, PR, and more. Discover how they have adapted and how they plan to continue to adapt their digital strategies going into 2021.

What to Expect

Since 2011, the Digital Marketing Workshop has been an ongoing valuable resource for Michigan businesses. Here are some in-depth discussions with previous speakers that answer digital marketing's biggest questions.

"What is your best advice for those starting in digital marketing and communications?" (2:54)

"What is one of the biggest blunders a business can make?" (8:10)

Who To Expect

Learn from global giants based right here in Michigan with this year's impressive speaker's lineup. Speakers from Google, Skidmore Studio, Human Element, The Henry Ford, and Detroit Zoo and many more will explore this year's workshop theme, "2021, Next Steps".

As always, the workshop aims to provide thought-provoking and actionable insights. This year, the workshop kicks off on theme with moderator Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing at Human Element. Each event has experts that will share their unique perspective on survivng COVID-19 and the economic downturn it has caused. View the full agenda here and register here.

The Henry Ford
Detroit Zoo - Zoological Society
Human Element
Skidmore Studio
The Detroit Institute of Art
Ann Arbor Spark
Overflow Marketing Solutions
Tech Stak
The Trade Desk
Career Now Brands
Fausone Bohn, LLP
Lease Magnets
EMU Center for Digital Engagement