Session: Finding and Using Data

Every business is in two different businesses…what they do and selling what they do. For Martin Smith, helping businesses use digital marketing strategies to grow is a passion and a purpose. “Digital marketing provides an amazing opportunity to use data about what people like, love and want, to connect them with products and services that improve their lives.”

An entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist with over 15 years of success, Martin Smith co-founded A-Side Marketing, a digital agency which became a go-to firm for social media expertise by testing ideas on music artists before implementing with corporate clients. Ultimately, Smith built his successful methods into campaigns for established brands like Coca Cola, New Balance, and Westfield Shopping Centers.

In 2014, Smith rebranded A-Side Marketing as Overflow Marketing Solutions. Overflow creates growth systems to automate the process of generating leads on demand, freeing clients to focus on the things they love.

In addition to his career as a digital marketer, Smith performs as DJ Graffiti and has shared stages with Jay-Z, Big Sean, Eminem, Beyoncé and more. His first marketing experiences involved building an impactful promotions team around his DJ events.

“As a DJ, I understand it’s not about me. My job is to read the audience’s energy and adapt my performance to ensure they are entertained.” Smith explains, “An effective piece of marketing initiates a similar feedback loop that a marketer can interpret to help customers find products that fulfill their desires.” Smith has also contributed articles to publications including Entrepreneur and Huffington Post on the subject of marketing growth strategy.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Smith leverages his business degree, law degree, and industry experience to achieve results for his clients. The credo Martin Smith operates by and what he encourages for others is the same. “The path to success in digital marketing is having a toolbox big enough and the willpower to persist in trying new things until you achieve your goals.”